Saturday, January 31, 2009

That Totto Place

On my birthday today, I went to my favoriate Japanese restaurant in town, Yakitori Toto, with Liwen, one of my best and long time friend. We drank Shoujiu, made from Potato and Brown Sugar, ate all the dishes I ordered before and loved, and then more. And they are still that good, gratifying, homey, as those previous trips when we were able to make in. It was well worth the 1 hour wait--yes, it is still that long and I still forgot to make reservation before 7. And I just love being there, remembering all the loving memories, when it is a day that marked another start.

My favoriate seats near the window was taken by a loving couple who just start dating. Tonight there was no Cake's music, no Going to Mexico, but it played in my head. And I looked westward at the Holiday light on 55 street, that led to my old apartment.

Why we read Astrology, because they can be accurate, if you choose to ignore that one tenth of the population on earth have to share the same fate as you, but this is interesting for those of us who were born on the year of the Pig:

All play and no work could lead to trouble in the Year of the Earth Ox. Therefore, you need to step up your responsibilities in 2009, dear Pig. (Yes, I know, I know)

That's a bit of a drag for a fun-loving creature like you (You bet), but rest assured that your efforts will be rewarded (I surely hope so).

You could be sent on several glamorous business trips this year(ok, wonder what job might that be), and if you play your cards right, you could even take a loved one along on one of these journeys. (Horray! That prediction probably means a lot, I am trying to read between the lines, but what cards to play to make all these happen?)

Learning to mix business with pleasure will be your main mission. (That sounds good to me).

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