Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Life would be great if it consists of only beautiful and inspiring people, lovely setting, art, passion, right?

Europe is different, recently someone told me, and he felt more free and true to himself there.

I did not know whether the locale has that impact or it is the people, but this film reminds me of things and feelings that makes life lovely and worth living.

To me, it all comes down to certain kind of beauty in life, wit, passion, unfulfilled love, vulnerablity in heart, beautiful thought, countries far and scenery green, living freely, beauty that mostly does not come from materilistic fulfillment only--latter is the means but never the ends.

I probably do live only on the first level of what Kirkegaard said how a person can exist, all hope to live and get better comes from the desire to keep that sense of beauty and the meaning going.

I like his challenge to the notion of empty sex. There do exist empty sex, but sex with a man like Javier, who played poet, killer, and now this artist, they can't be empty.

This movie is sexy, even a bit empty compared to Woody's ealier works with chatty characters with typical New Yorker Intellectual sexual anxiety, but it is so enjoable, that it is lovely.

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