Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have been a Fan--我见到了桑格格


现在才知道, 桑格格是格桑,她美丽藏族名字的反转,一如她人的美丽,怎么看,怎么好。




I met Sang Ge Ge and her boy friend Jiang Jun on the opening of the Urban China exibition in the New Museum, at lower east side of Manhattan, on this past Tuesday. I went there to meet my idol, the very pretty, talented, funny-to-hell Chinese blogger that I have loved since 2006.

The exibition is showcasing the magazine Urban China. Jiang Jun, his name has the four chinese characters of "Beauty and the Emperor" and sounds the same as the General, is the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, who is a person with great vision and limitless potentials.

Before they started the very influential socially conscious and sophisticated magazine, they two spent 3 years travelling to most of China to shoot photographs, collect memories, and for Ge Ge, to discover and document the local cruisine.

I went there like a fan going to the book signing. She is as lovely as every word that she has put down to make us laugh and teary at the same time. It is interesting when you read someone's blog for years, you feel you know this person already although you have never met them in person. That kind of intimacy is magical, especially when she is not like some of those other popular female blogger who only write about dating, dieting or styling.

Sang Ge Ge is sharing with you her thoughts, wits, weighty moments in life and a big heart, through her magic use of words and imagination. I wish you can read Chinese, and for those of you who can, you should go there now!

Become a fan.

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