Friday, February 20, 2009

My Precious Comic Strip Moments

A. B.





G. H.



Not in the above order, their names are below, can you tell which is which?

The Left Bank Gang (My favorite of Jason's work so far (not having yet read Meow Baby), in which Hemingway and his gang as depicted in the Moveable Feast become cartoonists, even War and Peace is comic strips, a book with all those things I love in one)

Father and Son (Vater Und Sohn, it made us laugh so hard back in China)

Tin Tin In Soviet (Simple, minimal skeches, the origins of all)

Tin Tin In Tibet (Love the emotion, snowy, aventure, a touch of King Kong)

The Castafiore Emerald (where least adventure happens, but my most favoriate of Tin Tin, check out this blog posting about how a story is told in strips vs words)

Monkey Beats Demon Three Times (San Da Bai Gu Jing) (What we grows up with and each page so well composed and advance the story crisply)

Mafalda (The Latin America Peanuts, 2 pieces are posted here, Girl, with the torn and shy Felipe, and the other of all of Mafalad's friends)

Charlie Brown and lucy (Peanuts book 1953-1954, the most precious gift I received for a Christmas, there is so much in this story and what is being shared)

Little Nothings: Curse of the Umbrella (First encounter in the bookstore of Portland, July, 08, he makes me smile, with his observation of little things in life, like alway trying to see a rainbow)

Bus (A newly shared treasure, works byJason, sometime sad but always touching, like this small piece of waiting for the buses, we all had those moments in life, thanks for sharing so that I get to see this. Even I did not grow up in the West cilvilization, I appreciate fully of his humor and melacholy, like in Hey Wait, so many human experience are truly universal)

And those that are being worked on by people I know and love.

I will write a more thorough and deserving post about my experience with Comic Books growing up in China ,those they call Little People Book, rented out by some business-oriented grannies out of their doorstep at 5 chinese wooden cents per copy. Good times under the Sun.

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