Monday, July 07, 2008

No, They Are Real

In the Safeway check out line, the young cash register guy of this lovely American city was very warm to me.

How are you doing tonight?

Fine. How about you.

You know, I wish I can go home asap. He sighed, in the mood for small talk.

Then he began to ring things up--I have not got that many stuff:

Two peaches, a small box of melon fruits (obviously it seems I am eating healthy and soft), and
FOUR boxes of Efferdent (anti-bacterial dentrue cleansers).

He suddenly became very quiet and he was not smiling any more. I was surprised at first and then I got it.

When he passed me the changes, I made an effort to smile broadly at him, over exposing my "fake" teenth.

He blushed and avoided my eye contact. I think I am a bad person sometime.

Carrying my bags and walking out of the store, I can't stop laughing sliently to myself.

The Denture cleanser is for my father and his friends back in China. They love it, these reliable American products that address your each and every small needs so very well.

And someone once told me I had a great smile, so there. I hope the cash register guy won't have bad dreams tonight for the sake of that.

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