Thursday, July 03, 2008

Animation, Cartoon, Graphic Novel, Traffic Jam, Double Independence

One day I stuck in the traffic of Vancouver for 4 hours, because one of the bridge linking North Shore to downtown was closed. They have only two bridges (that matters for me in this case), in comparison to 8+ (approximiately) in New York who also has tunnels, water taxi, and subway.
Next day I found out it was because a woman threatens to jump off the Iron Worker's Memorial Bridge--communist sounding- and took down the traffic system of the city.

Luckily she was saved. And the traffic jam was alieviated before the release of the fire work, which was almost 10PM, who knew Vancouver has so much day light at this time of the year. I listened to the firework in my half haze due to jet lagg and other thoughts that keep me half wake.

The next day I was awed by this exibition in Vancouver Art Gallery. Please run there if you can get to Pacific NW.
Vancouver need light rails, period.

Don't ask me how I ended up there at this time of the hour, just go, but simply put, I am on a brief break from a longer break. Messed up in a good way.

Complication and Masochism is me, krazy in its own way, Fatastic, Jet lagging, Japanese Animation that deals with psychoanalysis, and Wrong Trousers.
So in elements.

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