Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Suddenly Found

10 hours prior, I was in a yellow cab from my hotel downtown to the airport, the green hills and houses on them were fast flowing behind me. I was sad to leave this city. It has been wonderful to me, a visitor, must be even more so for those who live here.

He had curly hair and wore light bule, he looks 80s. He is young. After some random statics in FM, he put into a new album.

The voice and tune was new but touching. I suddenly felt misty hearing the lyrics.

After the song is long finished and we rode silently for a while, I asked, what band is that?

My cab driver said some name in a soft voice, softer than what I expect his voice to be.

I took out the pen and wrote it down on my left hand.

I later found that the song was called Fix You. The band is indeed Coldplay, UK, not Code Play.

Just like that, I met them in a cab on this summer day.

And I have been lucky to have their songs, in a bleak airport inn, sitting on a purple sofa tonight, now.

It is never too late to meet some thing you might have missed all along, like the Coldplay songs.

But what about those that you lost that you can't replace.

It is a legitimate question to ask, but I am satisfied for now with my newly found and purple sofa.

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