Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Red-blooded Man Is Hot

I don't really know Zidane until after what he did in the world cup final and reading all the buzz. I was reading an article about him that said: You can take him out of the tough neighborhood, but you can not take the tough neighborhood out of him.

I like him more after reading this.

That is a story about a immigrant boy from North African who grew up in a tough neighborhood and who grew to be a national hero in a country where outsiders remain outsiders, most of the time, no matter how hard you try.

That, gives him a tough edge and a honor that he is eager to defend.

I like him more after the head butt, I like red-blooded man, or woman. I am not for violence but a head butt is hardly a violence, espeically if he choose the opportunity to teach the bad kid a lesson, instead of winning a trophy.

Some time, life is about choices, sometime it is about unsafe ones, sometimes, it is about not thinking too much and react with your instinct, then and only then, you know how real you are, and who you are.


reno said...

Hello !

Best regards from Belgium !


Baomin said...

great posting. I share some of your thoughts and emotions.