Friday, July 28, 2006

Total Solar Eclipse--Live On Discovery High Definition Channel

It is a live coverage on Discovery channel. July 27, 2006

This full eclispse is only visitible from the Antarctica, passing the Russian station. Japanese station Syowa is a little out of the way, but they are determined to record and broadcast it via Discovery HD channel.

The world is getting dark.
As it was shown on my TV.

Below is the so-called "diamond ring" effect--why I have not heard anybody propose this way, following a full eclipse to the end of the world, pointing to the sky, this is the ring that is made by Sun and Moon, would you marry me? That will be such a geeky but sweet idea, don't you think?

The Sun is back! It is funny to see the hairy friends have the same color of the eclipse, black and white. How do they live the 6 months of darkness is beyong my imagnination. They look happy.

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