Friday, November 04, 2005

I Felt Warm--West Coast Trip Day One

My trip over the past weekend to LA area was a splash! I felt so warm, because of the sunshine at Laguna beach and smile and caring of my friends, beautiful, fun and tall friends.

Day One

Albatross and I went to gallery visiting on Friday morning at Laguna beach. Picture a vertical beach town like Persitano, with galleries and small shops along the ocean front. Lots of artists live here, smoking pots non-stop, and hope to sell their paintings to some rich retirees live in that area of the country. Some of the works are tasteless, like their buyers, but we did see some good exhibitions, like this one.

When we sat at the cafe shop where ChinaFool was spotted to have been hanging around and writing his latest script weeks ago, Albatross told me the story of real Albatross.

This is a bird whose wings can span several feet when fully unfolded. Certain type of them will take years to pick their partner and once made the selection, the two birds will fly over the earth at least once, sometime twice, in one or two year's time, to mark the partnership and they shall never separate until death make them.

A good story.

Then we met up with the beautiful female Albatross who was busy that morning. For your record, I was in the same Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school with female Albatross. The three of us were in the same middle and high school. We went long way back. Without really revealing our age, I have known them both for more than 20 years. I felt so mature.

We drove toward San Diego. We were going to visit Salk institute. If you have not watched the documentary My Architect, I ask you to stop reading this blog and go get it now. I am not an architect, but I love his work. Salk Institute of UCS was among his most famous. And we were happy that we were at that space for sometime that Friday afternoon. It is the building, but it is also the space that the building carve out.

I realized how my architect friends have been talking about. They are all busy creating space and buildings in China right now. I look forward to see their space.

La Jolla Beach is the next destination. Albatross hope to see some Dolphin there. When we drove around the neighborhood, I said: As someone from New York, this place is so neat and tidy that I don't know what to do with it.

We saw amazing Sunset over a violent and beautiful dark blue ocean. I miss real sunset since we don't have that in the East coast. But I did not see the green flash people claim happens just after the sun has set.

It was unforgettable. I loved the little pier and this picture I took of the Albatross couple.


Albatross said...

Both female and male albatrosses like your post very much!

vivianzhu said...

Phew.... I am so relieved. ;-) And you know more about Albatross is coming.

Beijing Loafer said...

Wait - "more Albatross is coming" or "more about Albatross is coming"? Am I missing something here? :)

chinadoll said...

Salk Institute on your picture is amazing. You caught the spirits of the building esp the space between them . Nice nice pictures with your beautiful writing.

vivianzhu said...

Thanks Chinadoll for the comment! What a validation. ;)