Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Felt Warm-West Coast Trip Day Two

Ying was a very good friend and my college class mate in Bei Wai. Weeks ago Ying has planned my Saturday with a full agenda. She graduated from USC as well, like Albatross. So our first program is to watch the football game between USC and WSU.

The Collosium is the main stadium for the 1984 Los Angeles Olmpics game. Readers in my age all shall remember the fun and excitment of watching China participate and shine on that first major game. China and US are the laregest benefitor from the ex-Soviet camp's refusal to participate.

Game was fun, but watching people watching the game was more and only fun for me as far as game watching goes. I stand my that American Football is a boring game, but any competitive sports game is fun in its own way.

Even before I came to LA, I have heard about the quarter back of USC was taking a ballroom dancing class to keep his student status so that he can play one more year at college football. He was really good. Even I can tell. But ballroom dancing cracks me up.

Albatross later told me that day when we were there the stadium was packed with 92,000 viewers. And I was probably the only one who did not wear Red, the color of Trojan.

Good time.

Maybe it was the previous night's lingering at the Sea side or that day's sitting at the game for 4 hours, I had a split headache and had to cancel my evening plan of going to a Hallowen party with Ying. But we did drive to Hollyhood Boulevard and did costume shopping just as well.

Ying got an extremly sexy black outfit that further flatter her great figure. We tried different color of wig too. Fun and silly girl time.

A Korean BBQ was followed and Ying and I spent some solid 5 hours together chatting, gossiping and catching up with each other's life. I felt time to part came too soon and a bit sad to wave her goodbye.

Next time. Ying, let's party together. Deal, like we used to go dancing every weekend night back in college days in Beijing.

Albatross couple came pick me up. I fell sound sleep in the back of their car after a fun day. You know, when you are tired but happy and relaxed, you dozed off into sleep like a baby back in the sweet world of womb, safe and sound.

Among my friends, all three of them, I felt at home, around families.

At home, we sat and talked for a long time. Albatross showed me his book collection of Calligraphy and Chinese painting. I began to write Calligraphy again. But I am no good.

He also put on the DVD of Crumb, having me watch the episode where Crumb teached his son to draw. I knew about that DVD for a long time. I admire people who can draw, maybe because I could not at all.

I love their living room, the decoration and color. Red is the dominat color. Poster of Emily and that rocking Red Chair and Altima.

I don't really like to wear Red. But to see them around me is soothing. My studio apartment back in New York is dominated with red too.

And the Space carved out of the wall that they painted red is like a frame into which the happy couple fit in so nicely.
This, on top of the Trojan color of red out of the football game, my second day is filled with the blush of victgory, passion and warmth.


Albatross said...

Did you see the fuzzy thing over my head? I must be haunted ...

vivianzhu said...

I was wondering about that too. ;-)It must my be lense get dirty somehow. Do you want to fix it in Photo shop?

chinadoll said...

Poster of Emily is sooo cute . Is it a huge poster ? Red wall is amazing on the pictures. What a trip . LA is another world comparing to NYC ....