Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A view of Mountain Rainier

Last time I vistied Seattle, Mar 2002
It was cloudy all week
Mountain Rainier was no where to be seen
Baomin pointed to the south west and vowed
Believe me it is there
He was yet to be a father then

This time, more than three years later
My visit was blessed with fantastic weather
And I was able to see the mountain from all angels
At sun rise and sun down
From elevator windows and boardwalk at water front
In happy mood or in sad ones
So it is true
It is there with all its splendor and silence
Baomin and Xiaofei are now the pround parents of two beautiful daughters

I have travelled a long way to see it
I am diffrent
as so many other things have been
Life marches on as the mountain watches
I am happy I see the mountain this time
And I am happy that
I have come all the way
to know

Mountain Rainier from Interstate 5 South
riding with Baomin to his house

Mountain Rainier Up and Close
from window of my plane
heading back to New York on Monday, July 18

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