Friday, August 08, 2008

Still Eye Knee, at the time of the Olympics

This is really about how not to get lost in translation.

I was reading the article about horrible translation mistakes that appeared on some English signs put up in China. For a while, I have meant to write to the Beijing Olympic Committee about the accuracy of English translation or the lack of it and their potential damaging factors to the scale of what are to be accomplished.

An appetite turned cold by dishes like Husband and Wife's slice of Lung (actually Stomach and Stripe in Chilly Sauce--I love this dish), or a heart turned down by the horrible Racist Park (actually Ethnicity minority Park).

Those have since been fixed.

There are signs in some places who dare to use language provided by translation software which produces absolute non-sense. Please, find some experts or at least human eyes to review it before using them. I will do it for free.

But I did not write the letter, I figure there must be experts who have taken care of it. I believe.
I know everyone tried so hard to host this great game. I can see how much we want to be loved.
How well do we bridge the difference in language and culture very much determine how much we can really know each other and like each other.

It can be done, like Eye Knee means "love you" in Chinese, I once said to someone.

Maybe I can set up an voluntary tent to give simple Chinese lessons to Olympic athletes, where one can learn useful Chinese in 10 minutes using names of diffedrent body parts, like in Senfield.

The more we say this to each other and mean it, the better.

And the symbol of Beijing Olympics, really is the same as my middle name in Chinese, it means the Capital. Isn't it smart? My mother want one, peirod, she told me, as if, it is created for the sake of her daughter.

Eye Knee, we can't say enough of these to those we do, until it is too late and funny how we Chinese, famous for our reservation, never say it enough.

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