Wednesday, July 05, 2006

World Cup Craze for Girls

Saturday, July 1st. England was playing Portual at 11.

My girl friend M and I went to the bar on 53 and 9th. It was crowded. We sat down and began to eat our breakfast that we brought. The waitress gave us dirty looks :You can not bring food here. It is a violation of food safety rules.

Fine. We already ordered beer. So we had to stay. I was drinking my beer and my coffee at the same time.

What really touched me is the Mexican and Chinese workers who could not afford the time or money to sip a beer in the bar, yet they stood outside the glass window and were peeking to see the games.

Soccer is such a borderless and timeless game that anyone can play and enjoy at any time.

During half time, we decided to rush back to my apt and eat our food. The game on my high definiton channel is so much better than the one in that pub. But watching games in a pub with friends and other crazy crowd is just a whole other experience.

We had our food, game was close to 90 minutes. Robin sent a text message: Someone f--king score already! It was a boring and long game and scoreless until penalty kick and then it finally got spiced up.

Then we met up with Robin in the lower east side for the France/Brazil game. She wore the green and yellow jersey for Brazil.

The German restaurant was flooded with supporters of France. I think German does not really want to play Brazil, while the latter was a total disappointment.

Robin was upset. When we went for some desert sitting on a sidewalk cafe, a guy walked up to her: You team lost, but they really sucked.

Robin did not say anything, she took out a small purse and from it produced a yellow card and waved it to the guy.

The guy was persistent: you probably want to give me a red card.

Robin gave a expression of you asked for it, and indeed produce a red card from the purse.

Good laugh from us girls. The world cup time is a good time, especially it comes only once every 4 years. And nothing is better than enjoying it with witty friend who care for it just for the sake of the game.

Cute players help too.


Albatross said...

nice post,

I was also disappointed by the Brazilians, but Zidane made it acceptable.

Baomin said...

Rumor has it that the game was a setup, paid by French.