Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wrong Question

At 3:oo today, I sneaked out of office to go to the Irish bar on 36 street between Madison and 5th Avenue, to watch the world cup match between Argentina and Holland.

The coworker who promised to go with me was stuck with work. I went alone and can not wait.

A European looking guy with deep facial features and dark hair sat besides me on the bar. He asked: which team are you for?

"Argentina!". He looked at me, I know he was thinking, you don't look Argentinean or South American.



"Are you from Holland?"

"No, Europe"--that explains it--continentalism. I don't think I would support Korean or Japan just for that reason.



Pause. I must have a short circuit in my brain right then, I asked "So do you support Serbia?", who was playing Ivory Coast.

I am compulsively annoying that way sometime, pushing the wrong button and asking the wrong question knowing they are wrong and just want to see what happens, like a puppy who tries to push his limit.

"I hate them, I hate them!" He lost his gentleness for a second.

I focused on my beer and tried to bury my face on the TV screen.

He later bought me a beer to prove that there is no hard feelings and we cheered for our team peacefully.

Only, none of them scored, but it was a good game just as well, and getting drunk during mid of the day when the sun is high is a weird feeling. I had that before. What was worse is I had to go back to office and work more after the drink. I had that before as well.

Start of summer.


chinadoll said...

enjoy the way of your using words ... "wrong question " and " Phase of Life" ....
Summer is here in SV and seems like I want to take off every day. But ...Pathetically, I have no desire to go anywhere…
Just hidden in cube doing whatever stuff which never can be finished…

vivianzhu said...


I am coming to SF for a weekend soon, maybe we can grab a drink....

chinadoll said...

that will be great ! when you will be here ? Let me know ...

vivianzhu said...

Was going to be there this July 4th weekend, but work get in the way and I have to stay in NYC.