Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phase of Life

I was on the phone with my friend last night. We were crying together on the both ends of the phone. That kind of silent and controlled cry of adults, of people who know that you have to keep going no matter what has happened.

His mother passed away last week, he is especially close to her.

We kept close contact with each other's life here in the US. We both waited long and long for the greencard to arrive, while putting up with the job that we could not get away with, with no freedom to do things we really want. We waited, hoping one day all will fall into places.

Sometime we decide certain things can wait, until it is too late.

We wept for things that we could have done in our life.

We wept since it is the only way sometime to feel better and keep going.

We take things for granted, thinking that it is going to be there, always, until it is gone. We drag on decisions hoping the best timing will come for us to change, to settle, to leave or to stay.

The better time will not come, and other things will not wait. And our loved ones sometime will not wait.

The real happiness of life is to make a decision and follow though it, never look back.

Under the cherry blossoms, the beautiful memory of that family reunion will stay. She was happy. So remember her smile that way. And she is pround of you and your beautiful and loving wife. So she left with those sweet memories. She will rest in peace.

And you, my freind, will move on, stronger and more determined, since now we all knew, life can not wait, go have it, for real and for better.

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