Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year--2006

I took a trip to Ottawa in early Dec. Near my hotel, there is a little French Bistro where I had the best Omelet for Brunch in my whole life.

The decoration is alive and warm. The atmosphere was homey. The old French cook prepared our food inside the counter.

Outside is the cold and snow-covered street of this capital in the north.

I took this photo and I loved its color, contrast and best of all, the Thank You note at the corner.

That trip made me appreciate many small things in life: a warm meal and room in a cold weather; a cosy grocery store on the corner of a strange city that instanly made you feel you are blending in, getting settled; Tasty food and charming waiter in the stylish French restaurant in town; Holiday music played by street artists; text messages from friends that keep you warm and knowing that you are missed; unexpected art exibition from an artist you never heard of before, like Chris Pratt of Canada whose work I saw during that trip.

Beginning of the New Year is the time to look back and say Thank You for the past year, for good and bad times, for experiencing it, for being healthy and having loving family and friends.
It is also a time to get ready, recharged to pursue for more fulfillment in the new year.

Thank You, my friends and my readers, your words and mind have enriched and supported me!

May you have a fruitful and happy year of 2006!

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