Sunday, December 25, 2005

Have We Met Some Where Before

Sometime when you look back at life, at days that unfolded naturally, and things that happened, it is full of stories that can make your heart miss a beat.

This is a story that I heard from a friend. And this is one of those stories, that you think is too beautiful or sad to be life, but it is.

A boy and a girl decided they like each other a lot in the last year of high school and they wanted to stay connected.

They went to separate universities upon graduation, one stayed in Beijing, one went to Tianjin.

They began to write to each other.

Remember those first moments of loving someone, or knowing love, as life's greatest gift, our hearts remained bitter and sweet.

They were deep in love. But something happened. Some force outside themselves decided that they are not to stay as lovers.

Then the boy went abroad. He called her and said he still love her. So they called each other reguarly, mostly he called her, sometime she called him.

She made it her own determination that she will go abroad too to join him. Maybe under the different sky, they can find a way to stay together, or at least, see each other.

In the classroom where she did her reading and studying of GRE, there was another girl. Tall, slim and quite.

They both chose that classroom as their night study place. They both were preparing for the GRE. So she was also striving for a future else where, in that country far away.

They did not really talk. They were both quiet people. But sometime when they passed each other, they exchanged a quick smile, maybe with some encouragement. They know they were after the same goal, and the entrance to the netherland is wide enough for all.

Those days lasted a year. She sometime felt weak, felt like giving up. But to join this buy whom she loved for so long was the only thing that kept her going.

While she took the test and sent in applications, while the goal was so close to be reached, call from the boy dwindled. Weeks turned into months. Then it stopped.

She went to the US anyway. She graduated and got a job in New York. 2 years after she came to the US, she got in contact with the boy. He was is Boston, married, to a girl he met in Boston. She came from Beijing as well. He told her.

He invited her over to dinner when she was visting friends in Boston. 6 years since they parted from Beijing, they were to meet again.

She knocked on the door, this girl opened the door for her. That must be the wife.

The boy appeared behind the girl. They were both smiling. He was older than she last remebered.

When she extended her hand to the wife, the tall and slim girl smiled a very familar smile and said" have we met before?"

They did. They used to study in the same classroom, in order to come to this land.

In that same room, two girls shared one dream, not knowing that they were also going to be sharing memories of a same boy.

She said: No. I don't think we have met before. And she smiled back, with some encouragement.

Don't tell me that life is without its mistery and smiling moments with tears in your eyes.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Albatross said...

what a story! I hope the girl is living happily now ...

chinadoll said...

beautiful story , I really like this one.
It’s raining hard here in bay area and I’ve been listening to Sarah Brightman the whole night. She was singing Who wants to live forever when I read this story.
There's no time for us,
There's no place for us,
What is this thing that builds our dreams,
Yet slips away from us.
Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever, .....?
There's no chance for us,
It's all decided for us,
This world has only one sweet moment
Set aside for us.
Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever, .....?
Now touch my tears with your lips,
Touch my world with your fingertips,
And we can have forever,
And we can love forever,
Forever is our today.
Who wants to live forever,
Who wants to live forever, .....?
Who waits forever anyway?

The Obscure said...

Love the story. It happens too often in life. But it's moment like this makes us emerged ever stronger as we carry on. We love to live. We also live to love. No regret.