Monday, December 05, 2005

First Snow in New York

It snowed today, When I got up and see the snow-covered root top of the mid town buildings along 9th Avenue, I know winter is finally here and so is the holiday time, arguably the most fun time of New York city.

Christmas tree will be lighted up, people are shopping everywhere for the holiday. Trees are decorated on all streets, atmosphere of love and holiday are at every corner, on the face of every person. Shop windows are drecorated with special themes. Skating ring in the parks are full of young and happy people, skating in that New York style. Eveything is like that, like what you see in When Harry Met Sally, in Sex and the City and in all the classic Woody Allen.

One of my most favorite Christmas movie is Fall in Love featuring Robert De Niro, the famouse New Yorker, and Meryl Steep.

I went into the book store where they first met and exchanged their book by accident on 57 street near 5th Avenue last year this time. And I shall go back to shop for some gifts or just to pay a visit and feel the crowd of holiday shopping.

I put on my boots and warm hat and walked out o f my building. I was walking up Columbus Avenue toward Lincoln center. I passed Tower record, bookstore, and glittered shops. I am enjoying the last night of my relaxing weekend and is faced with another busy week ahead of me.

But this is the city that I love, for the time I have had here, tedious work maybe just the price I have to pay. I am gratful and it is Christmas.

John Lennon said life happens when you are busy planning other things. This Christmans I will stay at New York.

May all lonely and depressed people find their strength and love. Holiday, is not always the best time for the heart broken ones.

I walked by the street, free and calm, happy that I had it all to myself. I took a deep breath, to tates the crisp air after the first snow.

You may not see my open arms, but it was there and with a smile, at the corner of my mouth, knowing there is a cosy home to go back, even it means only with my own.

I will get a tree this year. I never had a tree all the years. I will decroate it. And wait for the suprises. Life is tough, but will always be magical as well if you believe in it.

Happy Holiday my friends wherever you are!


Albatross said...

happy holiday to you too!

chinadoll said...

Miss NYC in Winter....