Saturday, November 26, 2005

Leading Chinese Bloggers

I am not referring to myself. ;-)

I am at best a personal journal writer and could not even write a lot in Chinese. And I live in New York City right now.

New York Tims mentioned the bloging booming happening in China as we speak. It has its typical non in-depth observation of anything Chinese, not any of their fault, but more due to the complexity and abmiguity of anything Chinese.

Anyway, couple of blogs were mentioned and one of them I had really enjoyed and put a link on my site weeks ago: "Three Watches. Dai San Ge Biao. Or Massaging Milk, An Mo Lu, by Wang Xiao Feng" .

It is funny, satire, insightful and honest. It made me laugh out loud first time I read it. But it still has its bias and narrow view as refelcted in the latest post about Paul McCartney.

Happy Blogging!


Albatross said...

I have a recent issue of San Lian Life Weekly Magazine about China's most famous bloggers ... will share the list with you.

chinadoll said...

I checked the link and it's very interesting . I really like 木木 's articles . I think New York times mentioned and interviewed her . I found her since her first started . ;-)