Monday, October 10, 2005

Thank You, My Friend

I went to Asian Art center on Bowery and Canal couple of weeks ago for the gallery opening of my friend Zhang Hai. His photographic work were on display there. I have always loved his work (Check out his link on the side of this site and see his photos of Central Park above).

That week was so dark and depressing for me ecause I again was facing serious delay in my greencard application. I felt desparate and disappointed. I outpoured my grief to his lovely wife Yi Xin that night when we chatted.

That Sunday weekend, Zhang Hai called me after sending me the photo that the three of us posed together during the opening.

He said: Don't be depressed. Actually why don't you pick one of my photos and I will print it and give it to you one of these days. Don't be so depressed.

I was on the verge of tears. I have not been very happy with life and work and his simple word of comfort means so much. It warmed my heart. Their kindness and friendship warms me.

Thank you, my friend. I would like to say it this way, here and now.

And the call is in order and I am coming to pick my favorite works out of so many of your great works.

I would not know what to choose, like a little girl in a wonderland for the first time, greedy and happy. I would. So please be prepared.


chinadoll said...

please be happy ! I know it's a very difficult time but everything is going to be fine. Cheer up !

vivianzhu said...

Thanks! I will try. I have been drawing strength and laughter from your postings. You seems to read life well!

Albatross said...

nice pictures. Have you made your decision?

chinadoll said...

V , here is how to embed real player :
1) upload to a hosting server, I use my own personal server . Currently , blog spot doesn't support this function so you need to have your own hosting place.
2) let me know your email so I can send code to you to embed the real player. Blogspot somehow didn't accept tags here ! ;-(

Make AUTOSTART as FALSE so it won't start automatically.
Hope it helps ! Look forward to your viedo chips

vivianzhu said...
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