Monday, September 26, 2005

Fall Is Here, I am wearing Scarf

It was Saturday Sep 24th, I walked on the street of New York, with the green top and dress I got from Positano and a scarf from Rome.

Fall is here. It is cool and breezy. I sat in a Bistro in West Village, having a glass of red wine. The waitress was a sweet girl.

She said: I love your scarf. Isn't it exciting that it is fall now. I love scarfs.

I smiled back: Me too.

Then later that day, I run into my friend Zhong Gui on the upper west side. He was taking photos with his SLR. He took this photo of me, posing on the corner of broadway and 73 street.

Yes, Fall is here. It is my favoriate season of my beloved city.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Robin said...

Yuck, blog spam (above)!

Anyway, that scarf is beautiful and so is the outfit. I'm going to have to visit Italy next.

vivianzhu said...

Thanks! I do love this outfit.
But you are going to Paris. Paris in the Fall, that is still the best of all.

chinadoll said...

nice outfit! You can get away with green. I will go back to Paris soon winter ... Somehow I got a thing for winter in Paris .

vivianzhu said...

I would love to go to Paris for Winter, too. I do believe winter and fall as well rainy days would suit Paris, the Paris I would love best....

I will post some of my journals for my trip in Paris last year.