Friday, September 16, 2005

The Vertical Positano

I found a very informative and funny British tour book about Napoli and Almafi coast in the Apartment we rented in Positano. It was published in the 70s, very out-dated, but so fun to read. I have to quote some of it while telling you about Positano.

"To complement the vertical landscape, here is Italy's most nearly vertical town. Positano spills down from the cornice like a waterfall of pink, cream and yellow villas. The day tripper may walk down to the sea; only the alpinists among them make it back up."

It took me several stops and heavy breathing to make it back up again from the beach.

"But tourism will never spoil this area; all the engineers in Italy couldn't widen the Amalfi road, and the impossible terrain leaves no room at all for new development."

"Positano became a well-known hideaway for artists and writers—many of them American, following the lead given by Jonh Steinbeck.-and fashion was not slow to follow. Now even though infested with coach parties, Positano reverts to the Positanesi in the off-season, and quite down considerably."

More about Porsitano to come........


Anonymous said...
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Albatross said...

it looks like some places in southern california. each individual house might not be that beautiful; but somehow they look charming together: I guess there's sth magic ... we engineers call that "nonlinearity".