Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Finally We Met

The poster with you has been accompanied me for years since I came to the US. I have read the book Agony and Ecstasy when I was 12 and I was dreaming of seeing all the works by this silent but persistent man.

Among them, I wanted to see you the most. I was dreaming one day I would stand there and look up. I was dreaming but I never really believed that it would happen.

But it did. I was there. I journeyed long and far. And we finally met. In that brisk morning of Rome, I walked past long corridors of the Vatican Museum and finally you were up there, you were there. You are there, more true than you have ever been.

You will remain there for the time when I am gone but more people will come to see you. You are in my heart, in the tears that I had in my eyes. You are there. I can almost breathe you. I felt my soul rises up to see you, so close, so dear.

The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel.

I would love to start my re-account of my trip to Italy with this posting. This is my best kept source of strength. It never stops aspiring me.

Although I can't claim the credit for this great photo taken.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Beijing Loafer said...

I remember the thrill I felt while admiring it as well. After restoration, the ceiling was as brilliantly colored as ever. It was close to divine.

Willie said...

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