Monday, August 01, 2005

We Are Smart Asians II

I got warm feedback on the piece We Are Smart Asians. (Please read that one first before proceeding for you reading pleasure). I mean, really warm.

But here is a small catch. Baomin refrained from saying it, but my Biologist friend Song Dong politely pointed out that "Venus is Jin Xing (Gold Star) and Mercury is Shui Xing (Watery star). Mercury is "Water Silver". I still got it wrong and I told poor Song Yeon wrong information.

Venus is still the Goddess of Female but for a different reason that I always have believed. I gave it too much credit believing East and West are more similar than different. Or it is my wishful thinking that has deceived me.

I think I got the five element of Jin (Gold), Mu(Wood), Shui(Water), Huo(Fire), Tu(Soil) little mixed up with the analogy of Venus and Mars vs. that of Man and Woman.

Oh well, I am not changing my post so that you know a Smart Asian can be so stupidly wrong.

Maybe that is the whole point of writing these Articles. Perception and stereotype are dangerous.

I will refer to Babel fish more before I write any of such stuff anymore. And my 5 minors readers, don't expect to read any new posting for the next two weeks since I will spend sometime studying Astronomy for dummies, books that I used to think only Americans will read.

Or maybe I am just trying to be funny(I wish).

Dong in the end sent me the map of stars and told me how to find the Polar star. And he then said "I don't know much about these things. A girl I know is really good at it. She knows hundreds of them".

I replied dryly in MSN: "Must be some kind of girl".

Must be some kind of girl who knows stars.

I like that.


Dong said...

One more minor point:
Plato (the philosopher) should be Pluto (the planet). Our Mickey mouse is apparently more interested in astronomy than philosophy.

vivianzhu said...

Thanks for that correction too. What a below to my self esteem as a smart Asian. I am glad my boss won't be reading this. Sigh with relieve.

I think now at least people who read the two postings will smile or laugh for more reasons. That is what I strive and could not do with ease. Today I have accomplished something.

Like both Plato and Pluto.