Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boxing as the New Passion

My trainer told me that I am a natural when it comes to boxing. We have been practicing that routine since last week and I just love it.

Has the violent side of me finally revealed itself?

I love the moment when you hold up all your strength toward your lower abdominal and back and then throw out that kick or fist, in a split second. All that you have pained for, quested for and strived for are in that throw and you just kind of hope that by letting it go, you find yourself unloaded, liberated, but also reassured and reconstructed.

I feel like being Robert De Niro in Raging Bull, Rocky, the girl in Million Dollar Baby and/or just myself, silently but healthily angry toward myself and what I have been questioning of life, but is ready to live up and live stronger.

Like being a Boxer facing a sand bag which holds frustration and burden of life that we all have to face and take that strike, with focus, speed and silence, and then walk away a little better and newer.


baomin said...

Letting go some emotional steams physically often times is effective and addictive. Unfortunately, its result doesn't last long. You have to repeatedly do it and upgrade the level of intensity as your tolerance level goes up. That's why it is also addictive. If you can combine it with mental exercising as well, you are more likely able to find serenity and peace for a long stretch.

Don't take my word for it. Just don't stop thinking (hopefully transcending at the end) while boxing. And who am I to say things like an old sage? I am no wiser than anyone else in dealing with pain and frustration.

Dong said...

not good news for Amu

Dong said...

Seriously, now I play tennis twice a week (2 hrs each time), soccer once a week (1.5 hr), plus moderate swimming ... I feel great! Psychological issues could be solved physically. It's so much better than alcohol or prozac!

vivianzhu said...

I agree. I jogged in the park for 1 hour on Sunday. That is great.

But I always liked Kill Bill Volume I, so it is not surprising that I like boxing.

But reflections while you are doing all these activities are important too. Baomin, you are right on this one.