Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Will Suck If It Is True

We were looking at a peculiar number at some search marketing reports in my office, suddenly he said: "Oh, did Jackson just die? My wife just texted me".

"Michael Jackson?" I gasped.

We went to, it said Jackson just got hospitalized.

"Twitter might be more up to date". I said as I went on to Twitter and typed in "Michael Jackson" in the Search box.

A Tweet said that TMZ and a British news agency reported him dead 16 minutes ago. It was 6PM then.

CNN soon updated its live feed saying that LA Times reported Jackson dead and CCN has not yet able to confirm.

We sat there a little lost and wordless. It just turned sunny outside. My office is warm and shiny showering in the evening sunlight.

He got up to leave after a while, he turned to me at the office door, and said: It will suck, Vivian, it will suck if it is true.

"Yes, it will suck, Frank, if it is true".

We all felt a bit lonelier at the possibility that Jackson, that vunerable and talented and mesmerizing and flawed boy has departed.

It is a sunny and beautiful day after a mostly rainy and cloudy June in New York. It just does not feel true.

I left the office and decided to take a walk in the sun and bare breeze, I just felt like walking with my earplug and some music on, any music, but loud.

Yes, it will suck if it is true.

And it is. And maybe each one of us who have grown up with his dancing and music has a little piece in us that just might have died too.

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