Thursday, December 04, 2008

Party of the Moon and Stars

The other day, the heavenly smile consisted by the relative position of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, appeared in the Asian sky.

Above photo was taken in Xian, over the ancient wall of Qin dynasty.

And in New York, I am fortunate enough to see the Moon and stars as well, but in a different alignment. I saw it in Washington Heights, as well as the St Marks area, in the same evening.
Below is a snapshot of them at the St Marks St and 2nd Ave, you can barely see the stars at the lower middle of the photo, right above the building corners, through the branches. The moon and the stars are moving away from each other after a brief visual reunion.

As if after smiling together in Asia, they show us above the North America sky only of their farewell party.

Sigh. But they will be back together soon, visible in 44 years. I wish I can wait that long.
I will be older than my Wii age by then. Sigh again.

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