Sunday, December 21, 2008

Goats Do Roam

So I found it. This time, when I walked in, it is right there: Yellow lable, Sole Goat on it, South African, $9.99.

Little further research revealed some warm and funny stories of how this wine came into being since 1999. And I like labels that tell stories.


Albatross said...

i'll try it for sure

Linda said...

It's so good that you found it at last!But few Chinese lables can tell sories.

viv said...

like the whimscal name and how the wine is made, a non-pretentious approach...when I have time I will write about the winery I visited in Yentai, and the Chinese Wine experience, they are the world's sixth largest producers now, there are good wines actually coming out it. But there is not yet much of a wine culture and people drink it with Sprite or Water as you may know. That is simply horrifying to think, not to say Witness.