Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Am All D, Unintentionally

if with a little more art supplies, and here is why.

Turns out it is all in the stuff.

So politics, is it a product of attitude and style of life, or ideological as we thought?

Ds are more existential, I believe.

All despcriptive, nothing inclusive or conclusive.

But it is night here, deep and dark night.

And I am more C than ever at this moment, I slipped out my local dialect today because I have been here too long and the dishes we had are too spicy.

Duck Head.

People looked at me and laughed, so you are truly back.

Yet I am leaving again, in order to see D, win.

It matters somehow to me.


Anonymous said...

more American than Chinese

vivian said...

You are probably right...and in the end, the "me" is neither nor, don't know that is good or bad

Linda said...

Tell me when you go back to New York ,and I don't know how I can get in touch with you.May be give me your e-mail address,ok? douzilinda@sina.com