Friday, September 26, 2008

From the D Supporter

It is not because I root for anything or anyone whose initial start with D, although much can be said about this.

I am currently in China, election year does not mean much here. Milk quality does. But I still care very much about how the election goes. When asked when do I plan to go back to the US, I usually say, maybe late Oct, in order to see my favorite season of New York, and to see Obama win.

In a recent dinner party, while dining with fellow people who once lived in New York, I was talking about how scary the republican ticket looks like this year, how the political opportunist behavior is at its most shameless peak, when Sarah Palin was picked.

I only need to hear one interview. She has that blank but uneasy look which we see in real and ordinary life, on the face of ignorant/arrogant-to-a fault people, when they do not understand what you say, but refuse to admit it and they just won't "blink", what does that even mean, "do not blink", Sarah's language.

She formally scares me when asked about her international experience, she said, not even half jokingly, that she can see Russia from Alaska. And watch this latest update on her interview by Katie if you have any doubt of this pure stupidity.

Does that mean that all the pilots are qualified to be running international organizations because they see all the lands on this planet? Does that mean that I can be leading United Nations just because I lived in both US and China? I believe I am more qualifed than Sarah Palin on this, after all, she can't see China from Alaska, maybe she thinks she can. She may quote sighting of Chinese living in Alaska if asked about China experience.

And her ordering of book ban in local liberary makes me believe that she is worse than being ignorant.

I am worried for my be-loved and adopted country. I am worried for the world if this gal is elected. I even want Hillary back.

But my fellow dinners draw blank faces. They really don't care. Maybe they thought it can not be worse than Bush, maybe they thought after all, who becomes president or VP of American does not matter much here on this side of the Pacific.

Well I do, I don't think it is right for this to happen again to America. They have waited 8 years. They deserve something better, they deserve a change.

I will always be a D supporter, not R. But I know a lot of people who are R supporters.

A Chinese Doctor couple I know in New York, are republicans. A former co-worker with Indian origin is republican--but republicans don't even like we immigrants, how right. Yet, tax factor can weigh much more than basic beliefs I guess. That is fine. We can all choose and all options have equal chances.

While in the case of Sarah, it is not even about R or D, it is about this person's qualification as a candidate.

Lao Tzu said: Rule a big country as if cooking a small dish.

I don't see that quality of simplicity and truth in Sarah Palin, who already lacks any forms of sophistication from education, experience or humility.

Only step forward from Bush is that she is a woman, and even that is afforded by the smartness of Hillary.

Problem is I can't even vote. Or maybe I can, and so do you.

Robin sent an email today--NOW Poll PBS being hijacked by republicans:

"This poll should not be in a dead heat (49/49 when I just voted).

Please take two seconds to cast your vote!

PBS has an online poll posted asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. Apparently the Republicans knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes. I know -- it's only a poll. But it will be reported on PBS, picked up by mainstream media and can influence undecided voters in swing states. Please do two things -- takes 20 seconds. 1) Here is the link, paste it into your browser and vote yourself."

Here's the link: Vote on PBS

So, whether your are an D supporter or not, go tell the world how you really feel about the idea that Sarah Palin being Vice President of America.

But in the end, Palin did not ask to be put on the ticket. What really makes me feel angry is to watch McCain lie to people's face and say: he believes that she is qualified. He is not being responsible for the country or for the world, by selecting this woman as part of his desperate strive to win the election over Obama.

I just hope that all those who can truly vote, choose wisely, this time, for America, and for the World.

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