Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Against Him

He is not a good politician, or maybe he is a good one, and smart too. What is with people who write well and speak well, and play with the card dealt with him calmly, who do not want to be your usual politically correct politicians.

Unlike usual politicians, he has guts.

To admit that you won't be able to disown a liability that will potentially ruin his political career needs courage and honesty and vision. It is either win it or lose it all.

I think Dan Abrams plays a cheapshot when he blames Obama for attacking the media in his speech, then shows the Beat the Press segment where the Fox news folks fighting for credit to have exposed Obama's ex pastor. I was just a fan for Dan Abrams for a week or two. He is very good looking and smart, but he is too eager, bloodboiling eager and he makes cheapshot.

Comedy central John Steward and Colbert report both played the clips of the pastor making the speech, I had to admit he bothers me a little, with his style, but have we not seen enough. Are they biased for the New York Senator? I hate to think that way, I hope to they are just funny guys that stay on a higher moral ground than other media, than those who sold their souls for news- worthiness.

Obama has a point that to move on from paster, but understand and bridge, rather than showing the clips again and again, the latter is not American, not democratic. It is easy to destroy with 15 seconds of clip, rather than facing up the truth of this country's race issue heads on.

The trick against him is rediculous. There is an online poll after the speech.

The first quesotion is "Do you think we should put aside the issue about the ex-pastor?"

Not sure;

The second question is "What do you feel about Obama after the speech?"

Yes, I like him less;
Not sure;
No, I like him more;

The way the choices are presented are very biased, and it annoys, it annoys me even more when I accidently pushed the "Yes, I like him less."

I feel being insulted intellectually, of course, there is no intellect in designing such a poll, only biars, only blinded opinion, self-centered perspective.

I like him more because it seems that he tries, with class; that he tries to win, but don't feel deperate. His opponent, a respectable woman in her own regard, is being nothing but a top-grade politician deperate to win.

I was suspecting his toughness last 2 weeks, among all my personal chaos, but this speech and this stand, shows his toughness in the highest regard.

The best swordman in Jin Yong's novel mostly do not need to use any sword, Obama in his speech today reminds me of that type, or you might call it, presidential.

This comparison does not logicall work, I know, but I am beaten up, sleepy but too worried of tomorrow to go to sleep.


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