Thursday, November 08, 2007

Packing the Mistake

I walked to the closet, slowly, wondering what to take with me, and slowly, I picked out the brown wide leather belt, and put it in the bag.

You have no idea how tired I am. You have no idea. I have no idea I can be this tired but still keep going.

Where is our break point.

Or maybe you do know.

What goes round, comes round.

What does this even mean.

So t-i-r-e-d, I wrote a blog, for the first time, in months and months of silence. I am so tired that sitting around and typing on the keyboard is the only thing I want to do, while I should be packing.

I always choose to do the wrong thing.

Like packing a decorative leather belt for a trip.


Baomin said...

It sounds like you need to take a vacation, a real vacation, away from your work and finding your peace and your inner voice.

NYE said...

Am in Copehagen right now,,,a neatly tucked city on the water in the north,getting away is good, I forgot about the beauty of going somewhere different, faraway places, that gives you perspective and liberation.

New York Express

Albatross said...

have fun!