Saturday, November 24, 2007

How I feel about the City on the North

If you can guess what is that little black spot under the sun track, I will give you a prize.

After looking at the wrong spots and guessed things like: trees without enough sunlight, street lamps, people, albatrass finally accpeted for what it is.

He then suggested the invert color, it really works well-- the very bright city above, and the very dark city, below.


Albatross said...

i think i got it -- just got distracted by the lights -- good drawing -- very Steinberg --

J said...

Very interesting drawing! Hope you had a good time there, aside from the short daylight.

I thought that spot was a person carrying two shopping bags walking across the time line under the sun track, but no? what is it:)


newyorkrexpress said...

It is, it is,,,,,,it is the "Little Mermaid" sculpture.. (blush), but it does look like someone with grocercy bags...I think you are the winner.

Hope you are well, girl.