Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Inmagining Pain of Cisse

The news that a French Soccer star broke his leg during a warm up match with China caught my attention.

I was fighting with something that causes my voice loss or alteration to be more accurate--I sounds like Catherine Turner. I dare not speak on meetings in case I sounds like Donald Duck more.

And I am inmagining the pain and remorsefulness by the French Soccer player who will miss this world cup. His name is Cisse.

I respect his dedication to a warm-up match and feel for his bad luck--not the first time. I also am wondering whether our national team has gottern so much better that it made a 1-3 match that seemed pretty heated.

I am inmagining all the pain that we all carry and feel in our own little world, those grey outlook sometime, those pressure that won't kill you but would be just enough to paralyze you, to make you not feel your feeling.

A friend has his MSN name as: Most people live with a quiet depration. He is otherwise a pretty happy person, I am wondering what this means. I have not asked him. He has told me to live life with dreams. So I don't understand his MSN name: a warning maybe?

French soccer star, we feel for you when the news spread around the world. We are not the fans from England, we don't hate you and rejoice over this.

We feel for you, especially you are playing against our home team. No hard feelings, OK?

And for those of us whose pain and hurt won't be sharable, let's be strong and brave and believe in ultimate triumph.

I am not listening to REM or Ammie Mann either.

I am just fighting to be stronger and better.

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