Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bare-faced Beauty

I always like Scarlett Johansson. She can be compared to the classic Godess of Hollywood when she is shot in black and white. Lots of today's actress lose their edge in black and white photos.

She has something innocent and serious in her that does not match a cheap and deperate blond girl, which she become in the end of this film.

White shirt is sexy though. A real good white shirt just screaming classy and sexy. And Johannsson's first apperance with white shirt on, playing ping pong, with her hair up, is the best of her in this film.

Remember seeing her in Lost in Translation and loved her, that no make up and all natural girl with potential of being a real beauty someday.

说到此,长生殿 曲文里提到杨妃的姐姐,“素面朝天”,依然让唐明皇惊为天人,那样的美人,这个时代,是不是太罕有了。


Albatross said...

I like her in "girl with a pearl earring".

Albatross said...

and in "ghost world" too ... but not in "lost in translation".