Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lack of Modesty

In Red by Keislowski, the old Judge said: I later find that to judge what is right and what is wrong, is a lack of Modesty.

I like that.

I was on MSN with a friend, who said: I love Blue the most. It is about human generosity and tolerance.

I said: Forgiving.

"No, I don't like forgiving."

"No, I don't like tolerance. "

We settled on generosity, free of narrow hatred, calculation and bitterness. Generosity is peace after self reflection and judgement.

I love Blue as well. I used to perfer White. Now Red haunts me. Keislowski always does.

Blue stands for Liberty. Not the blue that we know, the sentimental, the mystery, the near dark. But I love Blue in all shades, in people, in sky and in ocean.


Baomin said...

When you talk about red vs blue, it seems like you are talking about politics. On TV, there are always debates between red and blue. And the US is divided into blue nation and red nation. Don't know how the parties to pick their colors. But somehow it does connotate their attitude and what they stand for. Interesting.

vivianzhu said...

Red stands for fraternity and Whie equality, blue, liberty in French Revolution and on the flag of France.

Albatross said...

I must confess that I never loved these three movies. Maybe the lives described were too far away from mine and thus made it really difficult for me to appreciate them.

More fundimentally, I suspect all the philosophical movies in general ... isn't it more clear to talk about philosophy in books? In Kieslowski's (NOT Keislowski, Vivian, I'm sorry :-) "The Decalogue", I saw some rather cumbersome attempts on philosophical issues.

vivianzhu said...

I don't really like The Decalogue. That is really passing judgement. Not natural and particularly heavy. But Three Colors. I love.