Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Smile, You are in the Dental Care Aisle

I confess I have been spending last 40 minutes on a Tuesday night reading my Sunday New York Times. Lots of catching up to do.

I kept all the Book Review for later read, whenever that will be. I quickly went through Travel session and find a good website that I may use for future travel planning (

I was about to throw away the Business session after quickly going through the headlines. Then I turned a page and found this article (See Title above) under the column Short Cuts in the session of Personal Business.

It is among the most informative, educational and entertaining thing I have read lately and it makes me laughed out loud.

I need to share it with you. I want to be a responsible, funny and useful blogger.

It quoted impressive satistics to demonstrate how customers are bewildered due to too many choices made by dental care manufactures: tooth paste, tooth brushes with all length, feature, shape and price as well as floss products.

Here are some of the impressive statistics:

-112 new tooth paste were sold in 2004.
-Americans spent $1billion on toothpast over the last 52 weeks; $439 million on mannual tooth brush and $194 millon on powered ones (Excluding sales of Wal-Mart)

It is all about the obsession of having a charming smile.

Here is a simple rule (beside your price sensitivity curve when it comes to tooth brush if I may add): "The most important thing is to make sure the tooth brush can be held comfortably."

"Too much dental hygiene liking using a $130 IntelliClean System might make it hard to go to sleep." I take a note and agree with that totally. I will remove that from my shopping list. I don't want to lie in bed counting sheep or get up to do Algebra with a semi-new set of teeth anyway. Plus I know I am grinding them during my sleep.

"There is no evidence that high-powered tooth brushes do a better job than manual ones, except those whose rotating-oscillating heads rotate in one direction and then another." I will add that to my shopping list.

"Real innovation are found in flossing products. Johnson & Johnson offers wild flossers for children which are thin plastic dinosar-shaped holders with a piece of floss in the animals' mouth! " I will add that to my shoppng list, for gifts.

"Brushes with a tiny micro-chip that plays songs from well-known recording stars will be introduced soon". I wonder what recording artist will be the most played when it comes to brushing.

And as an advertising professional, I can instantly smell the blood of the media buying wars on the space of toothbrushes. Like the Podcast is about ads on IPod, Brushcast is well on the way! What a genius idea. The unvierse are all people with basic hygenie habits and growing! Talk about customer segmentation, I am so excited!

"The musical toothbrush is a good step forward for dental care. But why not combine two modern obsessions? I think the next big revolution should be a tooth brush that also lets you e-mail".

Or, a one that also let you enter a posting to your blog site.

There are two things I am worried about right now:
-Need to schedule a dentist appoingment asap even if it means I skip one on one with my boss just to make sure I am not falling behind
-How am I suppose to live my life happily and well informed without New York Times?

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