Thursday, June 30, 2005

Panorama View of Jinan

Two shots of the city I grow up, only one is real
It has changed since I last remember
Some say people are getting richer
and must be happier
But I see more concrete towers
less trees with scented flowers
more chaotic and disorder
karaoke bars and restaurants booming
eating off playgrounds
I wonder where do kids go to read and
have their quiet dreams
like I once did as a girl
gazing at the top of the hills
A beautiful shot my friend sent to me today
yet he said the color had to be changed
for us to see the city
covered by air
filled with dust of pollution
Although they say people are getting richer
and must be happier


Colleen Taylor said...

The pollution is sad indeed.
Perhaps the richer part is true. But I wonder if the happier part is temporary. I don't know how our world can sustain the lifestyles we lead.

vivianzhu said...

Thanks for the comment.

I do have a mixed feeling too about the chaotic but seemingly more prosperous life that people in my hometown are experiencing.

Jing said...

I share the same feeling for my hometown.

Back then, when I was a girl full of dreams, Beijing was a quiet and boring city.

I feel dizzy when I returned to this same city many years later. It bears every sign of quickly expanding wealth and chaos and a sense of lost identity. I'm glad I have been away for 10 years and kind of insulated myself to the old memories of this city. In my dreams, my home town is my childhood hometown: Willows and red walls, gray houses and narrow alleys.